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Bright Shining City Productions lead by Director and Producer Marius Kotowski, was developed in 2005 and has since completed one documentary and 2 feature films all filmed in Austin Texas. "Pola Negri: Life is a Dream in Cinema", highlights the career of Silent Film era Hollywood star, Pola Negri and features interviews with Hayley Mills, Eli Wallach and A.C. Lyles. "Esther’s Diary" is a deep and fascinating film exposing the internal conflicts among Jewish and Christian survivors of the holocaust in Poland.Starring Juli Erickson, Shelley Calene-Black and Sydney Barrosse. In "Deeper & Deeper" Ryan (David Lago), a charming young bank teller becomes instantly obsessed the moment he sees the frosty, career-driven Angelica (Lisa Marie Lamendola). Consumed by his curiosity, Ryan stalks Angelica, desperate to get close to her. Things are not always what they seem in this twisty tale of psychological suspense.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Welcome to our new blog page!

It's finally time to blog about being shining! There are so many interesting characters in this business and so many strange turns of events, but one thing is always clear, this is a business made of people collaborating to create. No matter where you are on the proverbial totem pole, you can't succeed without helping someone else succeed, even if it means replacing the empty toilet paper role in the honeywagon! So, here's to creating new relationships, keeping strong integrity and supporting loyalties on the path forward and up!